Mainland Company Setup

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the responsible government entity for issuing all licenses for business in the mainland of Dubai outside the free zones. These companies are often known as a “local company”.
Here are the different license categories:

– Professional license- Issued for service provider companies such as training, management consultancy, etc. Full or partial ownership is depending on the activity requirements. Certain activities are allowed 49% of foreign ownership, while others have full ownership. In this case the role of the Local Service Agent (individual or corporate) is limited to administration only.

– Industrial license- specific for manufacturing enterprises and industrial companies. Valid for a definite period, the industrial trade license obligates the company to have a leased or owned physical warehouse inside the country and manufacturing facilities.

– Commercial license- Adequate for businesses involving trading or retail activities ( buying and selling of goods, import and export activities, real estate service, logistics, travel & tourism, auto vehicle rental business, etc). A maximum of 10 activities per license are allowed.